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Whether you are just getting started on your journey, have hit a bump or experienced crisis in your marriage, we are here to offer hope. 

Our trusted counselors can help you work toward a better marriage.  

Mark Bonham

Wise Listener

Mark is a really genuine guy that has shown great care for his own marriage and other people's marriages for decades. He has invested his life in helping people build healthy relationships.  This has provided a wealth of experience that makes him a great listener who offers solid advice.  Mark founded Shepherd's Heart where he is currently a community counselor.  He's a loving father, grandpa, and husband.




Truth Speaker

Dave likes talking about marriage so much that he says it's like crack-cocaine to him. Then he adds, "not that I would know what crack-cocaine is." This guy is so passionate about marriage he wrote a book on it titled, "Mosaic Marriage." I don't know how you pack so much fun, humor, and realness into a self-proclaimed introvert.  Maybe it has something to do with his lively wife Anne?




Relationship Builder

One of Ken's sons has said that his dad is the most influential person in his life. How cool is that!? His kindness and care is felt by everyone.  But when you least expect it, he's a good joker and will put a smile on your face.  Ken has been married to his awesome wife Connie for 37 years.



Carol Harvey

Joy Unlimited 

Counseling Center

When I was growing up, my mother was in a singing group called Joy Unlimited with three of her closest friends. Once I became an adult, married, and had my own family, I learned so much about my mom and how she “counseled” many hurting people in her own community.


She was and still is an inspiration to me, and my prayer is that everyone who walks through the doors of Joy Unlimited Counseling Center will feel the hope and peace my mom modeled so well, and be able to choose joy like she did after our time together.

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